Today I was explaining Mindy and BJ’s relationship to my brother and apparently I was talking so passionately about them that out of the corner of my eye I just see my brother slowly backing away from me…I think I scared him…

  • Met a girl yesterday. She asked to sit at my table at the library and i was like well duh of course, i don’t own the table. So she sat, did her thing on her laptop and then before leaving said bye to me. Then she comes back 5 minutes later and says “hi, i’m back” which was funny and unnecessary. And we started to chat a bit. She didn’t have enough money on her card so I gave her mine because i still had 60 cents and I never print at school anymore. She was really thankful and it was nice to talk to her. She said “see you around” before leaving for good and i’m like haha yeah like that’s going to happen on a campus with 12k students. She was really nice though.
  • I’m going to be a web editor for my school’s paper and i’m pretty excited….i’m also addicted to adding things to my linkedin resume, it’s like collecting gold stars…
  •  I like meeting new people and i hope it keeps happening this year. I need more friends.

1) Still coloring in birthday cards like some 8 year old. 2) Pink skies on campus 3) Tyler reigning. 4) Josh being the coolest.

  • Cold Ward Kids favorited the tweet I mentioned them in. They have almost 40k followers and only 89 favorites and I’m one of them! Yeah, I feel special.
  • I had to work on an assignment alll afternoon/evening tonight. God, that was lame. I hate homework.
  • I’m going to be the web editor of my university’s paper. Coolcoolcool.
  • I want to be Debby Ryan. Okay?
  • I need weeks to be like 10 days not 7. Or days to be like 35 hours.
  • Can’t wait to be outta schoooll. Cause that’s the mood I’m in right now. Sleepy but still up cause I’ve got homework. You know the drill.

This is twenty one pilots at their show in Clifton Park, NY. Car Radio was their first encore song and during it Tyler manged to run from the stage to the bar across the room in just a few seconds and surprised everyone.

His calls of “Turn around!” somehow give me life.

Watch around the 4:15 mark.

Tyler is such a dork. The best though.

Tyler is such a dork. The best though.

Clique, I’d really like to meet Tyler and Josh after the show I’m going to this week. How long do you usually have to wait til they come outside to meet fans?

  • Done with my GY internship. Now I have to delete it as my current status on Twitter and LinkedIn :( I feel so empty now haha
  • Excited for these band interviews though! I hope they’re awesome.
  • I wish I was more self-disciplined. I should be doing my readings but I’ve read like 3 pages all day :/
  • I can’t wait to graduate cause then readings and studying won’t take up my time!
  • I’m so eXCiteD to see twenty one pilotss GAH. And Broods and Sir Sly.
  • I waxed my arms. I should have done this two thousand years ago.
  • Em might move to NYC if she gets a fellowship. I really hope she does cause that’d be the greatest. It would also be great if we lived together but that’s a different story…hmmm?
I stood in the middle of the road for this shot.

I stood in the middle of the road for this shot.

In my dreams last night I went on cute, awkward dates with ML and now it’s messing with my head.

Walked a lot around downtown Albany today. The weather was gorgeous and I can’t believe how many new things I saw jut by walking slower and actually looking around me. This city isn’t so bad on a nice, sunny day.


New York Fashion Week— the Naeem Khan, Kate Spade, DKNY, Marissa Webb, Novis, Britney Spears, Pamela Roland shows, etc
shoot for Byrdie, shadowing one of my directing mentors, and bf’s legendary homeshow

big decisions! really good predicament to be in, but there is only one debby.
must decide which one is most important to be next week

There will be so many Fashion Weeks in your future. Do option two and make some memories.